Vermont Comic Con

Our Comic Con Haul

I can't tell you how much fun it is for us to go to Comic Con! I know this isn't a huge one like NYC or the ones in Cali, but it's still pretty awesome all the same! We didn't dress up as much as we wanted too. I wore an R2-D2 inspired dress with converse and a white cardigan. Not fancy I know, but a storm-trooper did stop me and told me I was the droid he was looking for! Ha ha! We saw so many cool artists, and so many cool costumes! One of the highlights of my day (which isn't pictured here) was seeing a life size Tardis! I'm such a huge Doctor Who fan that I had a total nerd-gasm! I forgot to bring my camera in when we first got there (shame on me, I know!) but Mary ran out and grabbed it, thank goodness! Comic Con was packed and my pictures are just a glimpse at some of the awesomeness. I have to say that the people watching is my favorite part! I do wish that they had some type of food vendor there, all that walking makes your hungry. Regardless, we had such an awesome day! I can't wait to go to next years!


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