Road Trip Photo Dump

Okay, so I thought I'd let you know a little secret about me. I'm obsessed with going on road trips! You can blame my dad really, because when I was a little girl he use to take me on road trips all time! We would always stop at diners or Denny's to eat, and it was so much fun! Now I have passed this experience onto my children. They are total road trip warriors, even if the destination isn't quite what we were hoping for. On this particular road trip I remembered to bring my camera. We were headed to a place called Burton Island. It's located in Vermont. It's a bit of a drive from where we live, and my daughter Justice came for the ride. I thought it would be fun to take the ferry, walk along the water, swim, sun bathe, and grab a bite to eat at the little cafe they have. Unfortunately when we got there we found out it was going to cost a little more than we hoped, and the next ferry was an hour and half wait, which meant the cafe would be closing as we arrived, and there was no swimming due to blue-green algae (yuck!). The very first picture at the top is a picture of the algae. It's really pretty actually, but also gross at the same time. The guy at the entrance also advised us that the Army was present, so it was super crowded. We all started laughing hysterically, which probably alarmed the poor kid at the gate. This isn't the first time we have driven really far, to be a little disappointed. To be honest we didn't really care. Mary turned us around and we headed back the way we came, music blasting, singing carelessly. I remembered there was a Taco Bell in that area so we decided to grab something to eat there. This was kind of a treat because there are no Fast food places where we live. You have to drive at least 30 minutes to even get to a McDonald's, which is a blessing in many ways because their food always makes me sick.

Now I know you are probably thinking I should have done my research, and blah, blah, blah. Well I did. I checked the weather, the state website, the brochures for pricing and times (which was wrong) the weather radar. For the first time I even packed accordingly! It just goes to show that no matter how well planned you are, always be prepared for anything! So as we drove home my daughter took pictures in the car, and we sang very obnoxiously all the way home. We also shared some crazy dance moves. No trip is ever a failure! it's all perspective!


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