Outfit Diary - Thrift Store Finds

Outfit Details:
Dress - Thrifted (Ambercrombie & Fitch)
Flip Flops - Clearance box at local Store
Glasses: Calvin Klein Collection

I did an outfit post! Amazing right?! I feel like it has been forever since you guys have seen me do an outfit post. Like I said I'm slowly getting back to what feels normal to me, and blogging has been such a big part of my life for the last 5 years, but for the last couple months it pretty much took everything I had to just get out of bed. I'm not ready to throw in the towel yet, and I know I've mentioned it in a few past posts that I was thinking about quitting. So many blogs that I loved are now gone and that was really discouraging. Doing this outfit post has really made me feel better about the choice I made to keep going.

 I'm surprised I felt so comfortable wearing this dress because it's sleeveless. I got made fun of a lot when I was younger, but growing up I wasn't bullied in school, my insecurities actually came from my family always making fun of my weight. People don't realize that those hurtful words can haunt you for a very long time, especially when it comes from your own mother. I'm a woman of almost 35 and I'm barely becoming comfortable in my own skin. I only have about 2 other blog posts that have my arms exposed, and even then I had very long hair covering my arms. I'm slowly getting use to the idea that my arms aren't hideous. I also like being able to wear cute tank tops without a cardigan, especially when it's hot out. This dress is so comfortable, and it's been really hot and humid. And did I mention that this dress was only $6?! Yup! I was randomly roaming a thrift store and found this gem! Thrift store win! I actually have gotten a few cute deals and hopefully I will be sharing them with you guys later!

Have a great weekend!
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