;moving on.

Okay...this is one of those posts where you write it, and then re-write it like three more times. The first time I sat down to write this post, I was a little angry, so it ended up being more of a rant. My blog is definitely not a place for any rants. What I will share with you guys that at my last job The job from hell my co-workers (not all) were an acquired taste...to say the least. Not to mention that the leadership needed a little more life experience because they were very immature when it came to working with people. And I will stop there. Literally that quote defines how I felt working there...now moving on! I actually took a huge step and leap of faith and quite said job that made me absolutely miserable. I have to admit it was pretty hard because I had invested so much time there, and starting over isn't easy. The great part of all this craziness is that I get to move onto a career I've always wanted, and I couldn't ask for more. Eventually I will become a therapist, and this next step is in the right direction. Plus I will be working school hours, which means I will always have the same days off as my kids! I also get out of work when they are done school! I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am. I will finally have a career that is meaningful for me; where I actually make a difference. I also have a feeling that my new co-workers are pretty cool people.

Did I mention that this job will allow me to have a life? Goodbye long hours and never knowing if you're getting out of work on time. Hello to having hobbies again! I painted my nails for the first time in forever! This also means I can keep up with my blogging too! My other job had me so depressed, because I came home every night exhausted and defeated. I couldn't do anything, not even cook dinner. It felt like I was an absent mother.
Sorry I know my nails are little messy, but hey it's been a while.

In all honesty my last job made me feel awful. I tried moving to different positions, but never got them. All that disappointment and false hope was just a blessing in disguise. Even though it made me feel like I wasn't good enough, the truth is, is that the universe had bigger plans for me. I have to admit that I was starting to have my doubts, but seriously, almost out of the blue everything changed for the better. And if you're out there bummed about some part of your life that isn't going as planned, trust me, things will change...they always do.

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