Not feeling the camera so I didn't look at it!

TBH....I really took this picture because I was curious what I look like from behind..haha!

TBH: To Be Honest

So I thought I switch things up a bit. Most people are doing throw backs on Thursday, but I would rather throw in some honesty stuff. I hold back a lot when it comes to posting how I really feel about certain things on the internet...but this is MY blog, right?

1. This shirt I'm wearing is now my favorite! I can't even tell you how much I love it!! It's soft and comfy, and that simple phrase literally defines me. My daughter saw it and was like: Oh my gosh mom! This is so you! I was very self conscious about this post. I see all these gorgeous people all over the internet and I'm like: Oh! I wanna corset train! or go on that fancy diet! To be honest, I've dieted a million times and I always end up at the weight I am. I'm the average chubby girl who is too fat to be skinny and to skinny to be fat. It's very annoying.

The shirt also reminds me of this Sponge Bob episode:

2. Facebook. I can't even begin to tell you how much I hate Facebook, but I do. I don't care about all the stupid crap that is happening, and most of it posted on Facebook is fake. When I go on Facebook I want to see what my family is up to, who is pregnant, who is getting married, and things like that. I don't want it flooded with political crap, religious stuff, and what celebrity did what. I hate that it has turned into such a disappointment. I will still go on because my family and friends are there, and they all live very far away and in other countries, It's a catch 22.

3. My age. Have I mentioned that I'm exactly 6 months away from turning 35? Halfway to 40! I don't know whether to panic or be excited that I have lived this long?! To be honest I'm totally frightened. I check for wrinkles and gray hair daily. I actually have two chin hairs I have to pluck! My wife is talking about having a baby, and I want to finally settle down and buy a house. The nomad life is coming to an end. How did time fly by so fast? I plan on doing a 40 before 40 list...but really?! When do midlife crisis' happen? I kind of feel one coming on, ha ha!

Anyway, I hope you all are having a great week and a great start to summer! We have a lot of fun stuff planned and I can't wait! 

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