Where Did March Go?

Okay, so I feel like this month really got away from me! I have a lot of stress going on in my "real life" job, which is stealing me away from my blog and everything else! Not fun. Well aside from being super stressed out from work and other life drama, I got to be in a wedding! No I wasn't a bridesmaid or anything cool like that, but I was the officiant! I was so excited and honored to marry these crazy love birds!

So the first picture there is in Niagara Falls, we made a pit stop. That's my son on the bed. I can't even begin to tell you how beautiful it is! It was also mostly frozen. I'm also going to take a moment and apologize for not taking a bunch of pictures...shame on me! Normally if I'm not the photographer, I'm that annoying family member/friend who always has a camera in your face, but not this time. I was actually exhausted from the drive to Ohio from Vermont. I was also pretty nervous due to the fact that this was the first wedding where I was the officiant. I spent a lot of  time making sure I had the ceremony perfect, but here are a couple that I got with my iPhone and the last was taken with my real camera..ha ha. The picture of Amber and I making donuts is courtesy of my mother-in-law.

All the cups at the hotel had either mouths or mustaches and I got to help with the bouquets!

Amber and Kevin during the reception.

Amber showed me how to fill and ad icing to donuts.

My wife Jes and her brother Kevin the day after the wedding.

We had so much fun! I literally danced all night long. I can't wait to see them again! I hope things slow down a little bit around here, but I doubt it. I'm in the middle of mid-terms and it's crunch time for me. I'm hoping that I can get more blogging in soon...who knows!

Until next time!
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