Cupcake Love - St. Patrick's Day

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           St. Patcrick's day is almost here! I thought I would share with you a few recipes that I found. I found so many yummy ones! I actually have a funny story for you that I dont think I have shared on here. As of last year I had no idea that I am pretty much half Irish. I thought for sure that I was mostly British. I did one of those Ancestry DNA tests. Anyway, I was super stoked to find out! That explains my daughter's blonde hair and blue eyes! Plus now I can say "Kiss ME I'm Irish" with pride! ha ha! My dad was really surprised, he thought we were french. We are British though! And Scandinavian, with a dash of Hawaiian, Filipino, Chinese and Native American. I'm a melting pot! The smaller amounts that fell under 1% were Indian, and Russian, which was a total surprise!

Anyway, Every St. Patrick's day I find myself eating cabbage and corned beef, eating everything green, even drinking green beer! I never really knew the true history! I do know now! Just in case you didn't, I shared this little video: 


Crazy right?! Did you know the history of St. Patrick? I was pretty amazed when I did some research.

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