My Current Top 5

1. Current Hair Color

It's Purple with some natural colored roots coming in! ha! I'm a mom who works full-time and goes to school...roots coming in? Ain't nobody got time fo that! Sorry about the horrible car selfie, to be honest, this is as much photography action I've seen lately. Work and school have been consuming my soul. There have been days where I literally come home and pass out. 

2. Current Mood
Via funnymemes,net
This meme pretty much sums it up. Yes I moved to beautiful Vermont and my whole family is so much more happier for doing it, but my work situation hasn't gotten better. I do admit that the customers are much nicer. I just don't like passive aggressive behavior. The store I work at has had high turn over, and unhappy energy. I hope things get better soon. It's really stressing me out.

3. Current Obsession

It's freezing here, but I can't get enough Ice Cream!! Seriously I don't know why I crave it so much in the winter, but I have to have it. I'm dieting right and I'm trying not to over indulge. It's my weakness.

4. Current Procrastination

Aside from the book I've been writing, I have been working on this baby blanket. I really hope someone will need it when I'm done too. My wife and I are planning on having a baby soon, so maybe it will be for us. I also have another friend that is planning on having a baby, maybe she will have a girl? I might just keep it for myself, even though my son said he wanted it. I think he wantes it just because I'm making it.

5. Current Fandom
I'm stuck on Doctor Who reruns. I miss the days of being a new baby Whovian, when there were limitless amounts of episodes that I haven't seen. Now I'm just like everyone else, waiting and longing for the next season. Oh well! I'm also looking forward to the next season of Once Upon A Time!

And that's all I've got! If you do a Top 5 Current post, link back to me! I'd love to read it :)


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