Crochet & Finger knitting

I love to crochet, but sometimes I don't feel like starting a huge project. I literally have granny squares that have yet to become a blanket.This headband I made was super simple though! I provided the video I used on YouTube. I finished it within 2 hours. I'm sure I could have made it a lot faster, but I was watching football with the family. Lots of yelling (not me) and snacking on food. I'm sure anyone could finish this in less than an hour.

Finger knitting is my newest obsession! Remember last year I posted about arm knitting? (you can find the post HERE) This is the same thing. I like finger knitting a little better because it's a much tighter stitch. I just made a ear warmer, and I'm currently working on a scarf. I'll post pictures when I'm done! The video I used for the headband is posted below. Try it out!

I hope you all are having a great holiday season! We are pretty busy with moving. I know I haven't officially announced it here yet, but we are moving back to Vermont. I'll post about that later!

Have a great day!

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