New House Guests

Say hello to Doctor Octopus and Leafy Seadragon! These little (big) guys have had such a stressful year. Not only did they lose their fur family and their mommy Kaylah, My brother-in-law Kevin had to find a home for them because his fiance is severely allergic. Of course we couldn't let these guys go to a shelter or strangers, so we took them. I can't believe how happy they are! They purr and snuggle with us all day. They also get along with everyone now. It's always hard to get new animals to get along, but these guys are doing awesome! When they first arrived Doctor would only let me pet him. He didn't want anything to do with anyone else. I'm glad he warmed up to everyone, poor guy. 

**** Update****

I've noticed that this post has had a lot of views so I just wanted to give you guys an update. Both kitties have adjusted really well! To be honest you can't tell that we have 7 pets in the house! Yes I pretty much have a small petting zoo, thank goodness I have a big place and all of us constantly cleaning! I really hope no one else needs a home..haha.

P.s. I wrote the original post rather quickly, the only reason I mentioned Kaylah's name was because I knew people would be wondering if these were her cats....and yes I've gotten a lot of questions. If you have any questions please feel free to ask!
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