Cupcake Love - Halloween Theme

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I can't believe it's that time again!I love fall and Halloween! This year I have been unable to decide on an actual costume. So I picked two. One costume is a funny couple costume and the other is a Harry Potter character. I was going to go with Game of Thrones, but maybe next year!  Anyway, aren't all these cupcakes too cute! I love it! I hope I find some time to bake some cute cupcakes. I really like the cupcakes with the pumpkin shape in the middle!
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  1. so cute :)

  2. I bet Halloween at your house is a blast! And I look forward to seeing those costumes:)
    In my country we don't do Halloween unfortunately, but a package is on its way from the US, because a very dear friend still sent me some Halloween candy. I'm very excited! Though I would love an excuse to pick and wear a costume too;)

  3. Yum! I love those jack o' lantern reveal cupcakes. I always wonder if I'd even notice reveal cupcake patterns if I actually ate them. Might just eat them too fast to notice! =P


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