Life Lately! And My Love For Timehop!

Fun blurry pictures, silly beach faces. I have had so much going on in the last few weeks! Labor day weekend was a lot of fun! Lots of family time in between all the working. So much food too! 
I do have to make one confession though...I have been so stressed out! Maybe there was a lot going on, especially with the kids starting school. I hope I can slow down a little so I don't have some kind of crazy breakdown. I'm so glad that I took this fall semester off from school! Speaking of school, I'm totally excited that Justice and Cody are both in Jr. High! I can't believe it!
The middle picture is from the Timehop app (my favorite app right now!) and the two on the end are the first day of school pictures. I think it's funny that Cody has no shoes on in both pictures. Yes he does wear shoes. He waits until he has to leave to put them on. Justice is really liking school even though when she came home on the first day she asked: "Do I have to do that again?!" I remember how overwhelming it was for me too. For some reason Cody made it look easy.
Anyway, Can you believe that summer is coming to an end?! It doesn't feel like it though. In New Jersey it feels so hot and humid out! Yuck! I hope it starts to cool down soon so I wear warm comfy sweaters and leggings again! 

photo credit: Amber (Sewoeno)  

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