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Via: Tall Man's Tiny House
Via: Homedit

Have you heard of the Tiny House? Well if you haven't, here are a few examples that I'm obsessed with! I know most people are quick to say: "why? It's so small?" Well I think most people are looking at this idea from the wrong perspective. I love the fact that it's smaller! Smaller means : less cleaning, no mortgage and super small utilities. It also has a small impact on the ecosystem! The small dwelling would also free up more land on your property. I would love to have my own garden, which is impossible in the townhouse that we currently live in. The ideas for these little homes are endless. If we ever get to build one of these, I will definitely share about it, and that's another point too! It's not that difficult to build one yourself! I would love to say: welcome to my house...yes I built it myself!
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