French Toast Waffles


Sorry about the crappy pictures, but I was so excited about this that I took the pictures with my phone.This is the easiest way to make french toast! Of course we found this on Pinterest, and I now see french toast in a whole new light. I will probably always make my french toast this way now. All you have to do is drop your egg dipped bread in a waffle maker and ta da! Magic yummy-ness! The best of both worlds! The donut in the picture is random, I know. We bought donuts the night before and I thought it would look pretty in the picture :) I hope you try this method! You'll love it!


  1. What! That's totally brilliant! Too bad I don't have a waffle maker... haha. I have a sad lack of kitchen devices.

  2. Amazing!! I love french toast, will have to give this a try! :D



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