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Via Crazy For Crust
At the end of this week we (my little family and I!) will be driving cross country! I'm sure you're thinking: Wow! Yes it's going to be a few days in the car until we hit California, but it will be fun! This isn't my first road trip and I've driven cross country a few times. I love being able to look up ideas online for snacks and travel advice, a luxury my grandparents didn't have when they drove me cross country for the first time back in 1986! Luckily we have portable DVD players, a mini van that seats 8, iPhones, Google, and Pinterest to help us out! Not to mention all the cool travel apps!

Over this weekend I was going through  Pinterest  and looking for snack ideas for my kids. I found so many road trip snacks! The few that I posted here are some of my favorites. I can't even begin to tell you how important it is to bring food and snacks when you're driving long distance. Eating at the fast food places isn't the greatest idea because the food is heavy and full of sodium. Those foods will make you cranky and sleepy! I hope I'm able to get this all done in time! We have so much to do. I'm trying my best to help out, though I'm still pretty limited with my walking. Wish me luck!

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