Photo Dump

                                                              She is King of Photo Bombing....                         
Okay, I'm just going to start off with the fact that these pictures are all from my iPhone. I apologize that they aren't beautiful and edited, but this is a photodump! Are you like me and hoard hundreds of pictures on your phone? I have so many that the storage is full on my phone. I was sitting here scrolling and realized that I have a lot that I have never shared! Mostly because I'm being photo bombed or just making dumb faces. These are the few that I didn't want to lose. Plus they are pretty funny. Some are all the way from last year! I try to be good and get them printed, but I still forget to delete! Anyway, enjoy! LOL
Apparently, she's much more important than my paperwork!
This is 1 of 7!! lol

That awkward moment when you're trying to look awkward with an Alligator and some dude offers to take your picture, while you're taking a picture!
Cupcake was very serious about traveling with us!
Again...trying to take a cute beach picture, and she does that!
Selfies in the department store!
My dog Petunia in all her awkwardness!
Car selfie gone wrong!

Trying to take a picture of my mother-in-law taking a picture of Kevin and Jes, and of course my father-in-law photo bombs! You can see where Jes gets it from!

Work selfie.....I'm pretty sure I was tired too.
Me and my daughter....being us!
I don't know if I ever posted this one any where? This was in Baltimore.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my little photo dump! You seriously can't get anymore real than that! They are blurry, silly and AWESOME! 

Have a great day!

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