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Have you ever just met someone and just clicked? That's exactly what happened when I met my brother-in-law's new girlfriend and her cute little son! Seriously, I can't get over how much we have in common, and how much fun it is to hang out with all of them! I couldn't really do much during their visit, thankfully my mother-in-law took lots of pictures, of course I added my little touch to them. While they were here they went crabbing, visited all the family, watched our local fireworks, visited a local brewery, and even did a little shopping at one of our little thrift stores. As you can see from the picture below Amber even clicked with my daughter Justice.....I love it!

I can't wait to see them again! They barely left on Monday and I miss them already. I told my wife jokingly "I hope we get to keep them!" I've been wanting to have a sister-in-law I could be close with. I'm so happy that Kevin met such an awesome person. Oh and get this! She also has a super cute Etsy shop!

Via SewOeno
Amber is the owner of the SewOeno Etsy shop, so she is also familiar with the blogging world and all it's social media glorious-ness. Which is another bonus! Seriously it can't get any better. Don't be surprised if we pack our bags and move to Ohio, because if the opportunity came along I would take it!

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