Hello Elsa!

Did I mention we got another dog?

When we were in California, my wife and I came home late (3:30a.m.) from a club and this little cutie came up to us and started giving us kisses! We scooped her up and brought her home. We figured we would figure out who she belonged to after we had some much needed sleep! When we woke up in the morning, the little doggy ran right to my dad and to my surprise he said : "oh hey! You're back!" He then went on to explain how she comes to his house regularly. HE had just given her a bathe the previous week! He can't have any animals as pets currently, otherwise he said he would keep her. He told us that the lady that was watching her didn't want her to begin with, and that her past owners just left her behind because they moved and couldn't have any pets. Poor little girl! So of course, being the crazy animal lovers that we are, we took her home. Yes we drove cross country with her!
She had her own seat right in the middle of me and Jes! She is the greatest little road-trip dog!
So this is Elsa! Well her full name is Elsa Winnifred Peanut. Of course the name Elsa came from the movie Frozen and she gets asked if she wants to build a snowman everyday! ha ha! She is the most spoiled in the house! We think she is either Taco Terrier or a Chi-weenie. Either way she is ours and such a cute addition to our family! Little Rajah loves her the most. She purrs and head butts her all the time!

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