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It's been a long time since I blogged about cupcakes.....and I've missed it! I did change the name of this series. I feel it fits better! Anyway, aren't these the best? Since summer officially began the other day I thought it was appropriate to blog about summer cupcakes. These cupcakes have a beach theme. Beach theme cupcakes are so cute! I think the crab cupcakes are very creative, but the surfboard cupcakes are my favorite. I hope I have some extra time this summer to get some baking in.
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  1. Hey Eeka! It's Kelsea from Pink Wonderland (I know, way back). I offically gave up on PW, but I started a new blog and can't wait to get back into the blogging world. This is so adorable (seeing cutie pics like these are part of why I'm so excited to get back in)!! I bought the Trophy Cupcakes book and wanted to make all of the beautiful cupcakes, but I never have the patience. Someday! Esp love those little flower bugs!

  2. I love all these pictures.. So cute and making me hungry..


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