Cupcake Love - Nutella Cupcakes

These cupcakes were super easy to make. I made them for my daughters 6th grade graduation. I literally just bought vanilla cake mix and added a dollop of nutella into each cupcake. My cupcakes ended up a little more colorful than I anticipated though because I ran out of the jimmies! So I improvised with crystal sprinkles. I got hurt really bad at work and I've been stationary at home, so there wasn't any running back and forth to the store for me, but I'm so happy that everyone loved them! I piped the "2014" chocolate decorations. I made little hearts too, but they melted too quick, so we ate them!

 And there she is! She is so sun burnt in this picture! Luckily I had my mother-in-law and wife running around taking pictures for me, since I can't walk. I can't wait til I can walk normally again.

I also had to share this portrait of my daughter and her 2 best friends. Isn't it the cutest!!! My wife's cousins girlfriend drew this and I'm so in love with it!!
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