Mother's Day Highlights

My son and daughter...smiling for a picture! (this is pretty rare)

US on the boardwalk in Ocean City....the sun was very bright!

I guess everyone had the same idea we did. I was kind of hoping there wasn't ging to be many people there.

My sons the amusement park....he hates his picture taken.

These two actually rode a ride!

Jes and Cody eating dippin dots.

I love that smile!! (Cody seems to be deep in thought, maybe too much sugar)

These pretty flowers are in Jes's grandma's yard. They are called Bleeding hearts. I think they are beautiful!

This is a hummingbird moth! Isn't it amazing!

We found a photo booth! I was super excited about these because they are the real deal! They even took about five minutes to develop...but I didn't mind waiting! 

I received an adorable locket and lots of cards. I also got to eat wherever I wanted :)

Putting our toes in the sand was my favorite! I'm so glad that beach weather is finally here!

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