Saying Goodbye

One of the hardest things in life is saying goodbye to a loved one. This past month has been a very hard month for my family. My wife's grandafather (Pop pop) passed away on the 11th. We were all with him when he was in the hospital and were able to say goodbye. He was never left alone, family was always by his side. In fact I tried to go there as much as I could, even on my lunch breaks from work.  


I'm sorry I haven't been blogging, but this last month has just been heart wrenching for all of us. Pop pop was a man who was dearly loved by everyone who has ever known him. Sadly I only knew him for 4 short years, but he welcomed me into the family like I was one of his own, including both of my kids. He had such gentle eyes and a warm hug. He showed me what a loving and caring grandfather could be. He loved my tattoos, told me silly jokes, and always made me smile. He never once cared about the fact that we were gay, he was very open-minded and accepting. In fact when we would go visit, and I would look at Jes and smile, he would just smile and say "That's so cool." I will always remember that. He lived a long fulfilling life, and gave so many wonderful memories to his family. He will never be forgotten.

We miss you so much Pop pop..

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