Reality Check

Wow! Well that was an unexpected break....and a long one at that. My life has been all over place this month. I really needed to step back and analyze some things. I was also a little bummed about my latest visit to the doctors. I was diagnosed with chronic kidney stones, which means a big change in what I can eat, and adding a lot of lemon water to my daily routine. I've always been such a healthy person, and a health nut, that this has made me a little depressed. I think mostly because I had to cut back on chocolate! On top of that, we have a very dear family member who has been in the hospital. They haven't been doing well, and it has had us all very worried. I know this sounds cliche, but Life is truly too short. We're all praying and hoping for the best.

On a completely different note, I'm excited that spring is finally showing up here. The weather is a little warmer here on the Jersey Shore. I thought it was never going to come! Now we can hear the peepers (little frogs) which means warm weather is right around the corner! I'm crossing my fingers for upper 60's, even though it's been super rainy. I love the rain, but I'm ready for things to dry up a little. I want to go to the beach so bad! I miss the sand between my toes....but it wont be long :)

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