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Having a nerd moment here...haha. I won Spock in a claw machine...I'm pretty good at those.
I am a huge fan of the Game of Thrones series. I love the books and the show! The necklace I'm wearing was a surprise from my wife, and I love it! It came from Kitsch Kat Keepsakes etsy shop. My wife has one too! If you know the books or the show, you would know that my necklace is written in Dothraki, and it means: moon of my life. The pendant has a crown around it. She got me this because my favorite character is Daenerys Targaryen (Dany in the book) or better known as Khaleesi in the HBO series. Now here is where it gets even cheesier. My wife has the same necklace but hers says: My sun and stars...ha! We are such geeks! At least I don't have to geek out alone!
And if you're wondering, I do love Star Trek, but don't worry...I don't speak Klingon!
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I found this pretty figurine on the HBO website. I love it so much! I might have to buy it. I also think this Halloween we're all going to have to dress up like our favorite characters! Well me and Jes at least. The kids don't watch the show. I might let Cody watch it now, since he is 14, but I'm pretty strict when it comes to shows with a lot of sex and violence.
Are you a fan too? April 6th can't come soon enough!!
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