Life Lately - iPhone Photo Dump

I'm so excited for this weekend! This picture of me and my brother Kevin is from 2 years ago in NYC. This weekend he will be here again! My wife, kids, and I get to see him and his girlfriend this weekend! I never get to see my family so I'm always super excited when I get to spend time with them.

I've been curling my hair again. I like it so much better with bouncy curls. I need to buy one of those curling wands. I currently have a marcel style curling iron. It's lasted me 10 years!

I was also recently in the hospital. I had to go to the E.R. really early in the morning. After some fluids and a CT scan I found out that I was passing a kidney stone. The I.V. left me with horrible bruises!

This quote means a lot to me. I'm working on a lot of trouble myself! 

It's my daughter's birthday Friday!! She's my little Valentine's day baby :)

I made her this cake for our family birthday party since we will be in New York city for her birthday.

I've also been doing a lot arm knitting too! This is actually a really cute scarf, but my wife decided to turn it into a beard! She is such a butt head, but a cute butt head. Hopefully I'll get a better picture!

Now this last picture is kind of gross, but it's my kidney stone. I know some people might think it's weird to write about something like this, but kidney stones have been a part of my life for the last 5 years. I'm really hoping that this is the last one I'll ever pass. Though I'm sure there's probably a couple more hiding in there. This little guy, we shall call him Maximus, took about 6 days to pass. The pain only lasted about 5 hours and then turned into a dull ache. I guess I carried the Max around in my bladder the rest of the time. I ended up passing it at work, of all places! This isn't the biggest stone I've passed either. The last one I had was misdiagnosed and took me a month to pass! It was beyond painful. 

This is such a painful reality for me....but lemonade helps!
How has life been for you lately?

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