Jes's 30th Birthday

Homemade birthday carrot melts in your mouth!
My wife Jes and my son Cody
When you make a silly face it will end up on the internet!
All smiles!
My little family
Jes's Best friend and her husband joined us :)
Dave & Buster shots!
Birthday steak
I got this chicken...I didn't even eat it..I don't recommend it either!
Highlight of the night! Super Photobooth!
Killing zombies
This is what a happy birthday girl looks like!
Our photobooth pictures

We had so much fun! I originally wanted to plan a surprise party for her, but everyone was away that weekend. Of course her birthday fell on Super Bowl weekend too, so that didn't help. Thankfully her best friend Sarah came to the rescue! We spent the night at their house too! It's always awesome to have good friends, especially when they have kids. Their kids couldn't come because they are all very little still, but we got to spend time with them when we got back to their house. They have a newborn and he is super cute! You know, it's funny how your perspective changes when you're married and you love being with your family. The days of going bar hopping and getting wasted disappear. It's more important to make memories that you'll actually remember. I love that.
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