Candy In New York City

I love how colorful all these pictures are! Not only did we get to go to one of the coolest candy shops I've ever been to, I also got to meet Meghan from Adventures in Mediocrity! It's really neat when you get to meet a blogger in "real life" and find out that they are just as nice, as they are on their blog. She is super sweet! (no pun intended, considering she works with candy!) and her makeup is awesome! I wish we had more time to hang out, but she was working. At least we got to talk for a little bit and snap a cute picture together! I also forgot to mention how cute her hair is! 
Anyway, if you are ever in the city, this place is a must see because it smells heavenly right when you walk in the doors! They have all your favorites, plus an ice cream shop and an actual bar! The bar was closed when we were there, but I bet it's fantastic.

Of course I can never resist a photo booth! They supply you with lots of fun props! We bought so much candy. My son bought a 5 lb gummy bear!! It's as big as his head! I'm not sure how he is going to eat it all, but I'm sure he will find a way! 
I have a lot more pictures to upload, edit, and share...those will be coming up next!
We had such a fun weekend!
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