A Kitty Cat Photo Dump

Mr. Kovu a.k.a. Fat Man
Princess Cupcake Ninja Sprinkles a.k.a Cupcake a.k.a. The Kitten
Too good to look into the camera.
Raja Chocolate Chip Pixie Dust a.k.a. Kitten
Yes...we know we're adorbs! 
No you cannot make your bed...
More napping...
This was bath time.
I love this dishwasher! You always have to check that I'm not in here before you start it!

I was going through my pictures and realized I have a lot of pictures of the fur babies! When you have animals, you try to take a lot of pictures of them, but I go a little crazy...my phone is filled with pictures of them too! I love having cats, especially when they all get along. They are so cute when they play. Aside from that I think my most favorite is when they sleep together and bathe each other...too cute! Sometimes I wish they could talk, I picture them sounding kind of snobby!

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