The Bathroom Selfie - A Photo Dump

Last Friday I went out to a venue to watch my father-law's band play. I was also there to get some group pictures of them. It was a lot of fun to get out of house! My daughter tagged along, and when we went to the bathroom at one point, and these pictures happened. I forgot I had my camera around me and for fun I took 1 picture....that tuned into about 15 pictures! My daughter and I love to be silly 24-7......and if everyone out there can take a bathroom selfie...why not us too?!
 She's going to kill me if she sees that I posted this one! haha
 I think I blinked a little, but maybe it's just my Asian eyes.
 Paper towel anyone?
 She's looking at the screen now...
 yup....still looking...
 Raise your hand! Salute to selfies!
 Makin the pouty face selfie!
 Peace sign selfie...
 Back to back selfie! She's much cuter then me! haha
my (blurry) angel. I thought the wallpaper in this bathroom was really cool!
I'm not sure what's happening here, but she told me to be funny! lol

These pictures are a perfect example of of our silliness. Of course girls never go to the bathroom alone (girl code!) and I was testing my settings. The flash went off once and we both started posing! so we just went with it! laughing and being silly. These are my most favorite moments. My kids and I are so outrageous, we cant help it! I come from a family that is always joking around and apparently it's genetic!
I also want to add that these pics aren't edited at all. I love the pink hue, and I don't mind the graininess. It's just us being us! When my wife saw these pictures in my camera, she was laughing her ass off!
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