Outfit Diary - Sewn On Love

Outfit Details:
Headband - Dollar Store
Glasses - c/o Firmoo
Hobbit Necklace - HModine on Etsy
Sweater Top - Wet Seal
Cami - Wet Seal
Leggings - Wet Seal
Flats - Payless
 My entire outfit was a Christmas present, and I can't tell you how much I'm in love with this top! I love the fabric that's used for the heart, it looks like something I could of made myself. My wife bought everything, and it was a total surprise. Believe it or not she has come a long way when it comes to buying me clothes. She use to buy items that were too small, and I thought that was sweet. Now she actually knows the right sizes! The weird part is that I haven't owned anything from Wet Seal since I was in High School! 

If you notice in a couple pictures I'm not wearing my necklace. To be honest I can't even remember when I put it on! haha! I thought I had it on the whole time. Funny how that happens? 

This is also the first time I shot pictures in my room (that included the walls). I love the space and the lighting, but my landlord is one of the worst painters I've ever seen. Next up on the "to-do" list is touching up the white trim he so carelessly did not bother to do himself. It's amazing how a messy paint job can make a room seem dirty, even when it's clean!

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