Okay, A Sloth and Some Random Thoughts.

Sooooo, I was having one of those nights, I just couldn't decide what to write about. Talk about a bad case of writers block! Luckily I know that the best cure is to keep on writing. Also one weird habit I have is looking up cute animals. So I found this sloth. I think Sloths are too cute!

In other news, I have so much planning to do! I think that is my main problem. My sons birthday is in a couple weeks. Next is my wife's, and then my daughters. Not to mention my brother will be in New York next month around my daughters birthday. Soooo much planning!!! We were thinking about taking our daughter to a themed restaurant. I think, right now, it's between the Ninja or Jekyll & Hyde. Is it weird that I'm kind of scared to go to New York City? Yeah I'm sure it's stupid, but sometimes I want to avoid cities at all costs, but at the same time I miss the hustle and bustle. My daughter is very excited and thats all that matters anyway!

Now is it me, or is this little blog of mine way over due for a giveaway? I feel like it's been forever! I also have quite a few DIY's to share with you guys. One thing at a time, right? 

I'm also on a health kick again! For the last year I have been eating very unhealthy, which is not me. I thought I had adult onset acne. Turns out when I had cut my salt intake the red spots disappeared! I'm not use to eating processed fried food, fast food or overly salty foods, and my body was telling me to cut it out! I'll have to share some recipes with you guys! You'd be surprised how yummy food can be when you make healthy choices.

I hope you are all having a great day! I'll be taking pictures, going to the gym, and snuggling with kitties! 
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