Life Lately...according to Instagram

Good'ole Instagram! If it wasn't for that app, I don't know how I would be keeping track of events. Starting with the top, you see a salad, purse and me with my dog Petunia. Those pictures,of me and Petunia, are for a photo contest called "Best Buds" and I hope we get picked! The pictures are from a photoshoot we did. She is very photogenic and I love taking pictures of her...and with her! I also got ma hair did! I still have an ombré, but I'm in the process of going blonde. I love it! 

My birthday just passed too! I can't believe that I'm 33! Where did the time go?! I was going to do a birthday post, but I haven't been feeling well, and we had that huge snow storm, so I wasn't feeling up to it. We got dumped with snow here on the Jersey Shore... But it's all gone. I hope we get more!

The new year has been going pretty well! How about you?

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