Gluten Free Cupcakes

I'm sure in this day in age you probably know someone that has a gluten allergy. To me, I think that's worse than not being able to eat dairy products. It was my very good friend Angela's birthday today, and she has a gluten allergy, so I got to try out this gluten free brand of cake mix! It worked out really well! I followed the directions on the box, except I used a little less sugar. Surprisingly the cupcakes came out perfect! For the frosting I used Betty Crocker's whipped vanilla and added cocoa powder, which was super yummy! I wasn't happy with frosting tip I used though, I should have used one that added more texture, it's too swirly looking, but they taste amazing anyway! This batch came out really moist too! Sometimes gluten free deserts can be a little on the dry side, but these bad boys came out perfect. My daughter even liked them. I highly recommend anyone who can't have gluten, or who is vegan to try out this mix.

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