Reality Check

We moved! It's pretty funny that my last post was about us looking for a new place, but literally that same week we made the decision. We moved into a cute little townhouse, which is only 3 miles from in-laws, so we didn't go far. I'm glad because the whole purpose of moving to New Jersey was to be closer to family.

Anyway, we have a cute 3 story townhouse! The 3 rd floor is a private loft, which we gave to our son. We also have a cute deck out back. I put up all the Halloween decorations, except for the spider web lights, but those are next! Halloween is my favorite holiday and I can't wait to go trick or treating. Plus our neighbor looks pretty festive so I'm hoping we will get some cute monsters and princesses looking for candy! 

All the fur babies are settling in. Cupcake, as you can see, is very at home. She has been exploring every space, and hoping in and out of cardboard boxes. One thing that scares me is her obsession with tape! She keeps trying to eat the tape off the boxes and I'm so scared she's going to choke. I have been going around to all the boxes and ripping the tape off.

Petunia on the other hand has been a little nervous. A lot of our neighbors have dogs, so I think that is why. She has pretty much smelled every inch of grass outside, along with marking her territory, but she is very prissy about going number 2. She will only go in the woods, which I can understand, I wouldn't want anyone to watch me either.

Anywhooo....We are so excited about unpacking everything! I can't believe all my goodies have been in storage for a year! It's so nice to see all my stuff!

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