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This is my favorite dress right now! I didn't post a little "Outfit Details" section this time around because I don't feel like there are enough items in this post to feature. I really just want to talk about this super comfy dress and our new place. This dress is by Exhilaration, which you can find at Target. I found it at a thrift store for $6...ha! My imitation Tom's were bought at a dollar store. There you have it! This dress has pockets and a stretchy waist. Everything a mom like me needs!

 As you can see my surroundings have changed and this is my new spot for outfit posts. I love our little deck and I can't wait to add cute furniture to it! Someone already left this little stand with plants on it! I love my plants, I couldn't imagine leaving them. In fact I have a plant that has moved with me 4 times! Our new place is really coming along. I've got pictures up, bookshelves filled and the kitchen almost done. It's really feeling like home. I love it :)

On a another note, my Sponsor section will be changing soon. I know I have been a little neglectful, but I will be fixing it. I decided that all my Sponsor spots are going to be free swapping spots. So If you want to do a free spot just send an email my way! ( justicealohi at yahoo dot com ) I have to spell it all out because of the spam bots! 

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