Goodbye Summer

Last weekend (Labor Day Weekend) was our last outing for the summer. We spent it camping at the Spring Gulch campground in Pennsylvania. It was kind of hot, and the humidity wasn't very nice to us, but over all it was a great trip. Camping is never really glamorous, but my in-laws are pretty awesome at it. They come prepared for everything. They even have a portable bathroom. This year we had a screened in eating area, which was very nice. Bugs tend to love me, but this trip I escaped with only one bug bite!

 I can't believe summer is over now. The kids have gone back to school, and so have I! This semester I have signed myself up for philosophy and English II. That's a lot of writing! First day of class my professor already had us write an essay at the beginning of class. So I apologize in advance if my blog posts do not include a lot of descriptions. I hope you all have had a great summer, but I am very excited for Fall. It's my favorite season! I can't wait to wear cozy sweaters and eat all there is that is pumpkin flavored! How about you?
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