Geeky Confessions #3 Vampires

First Up...The Ones That Sparkle
This is my Edward shirt. Bought at Hot Topic to wear at the first part of Breaking Dawn midnight showing.
All my Twilight books sit on my top shelf nest to LOTR. I actually have duplicate sets for reading.
My wife is actually the Jacob 
yup...that's me again!
I can't find my Edward ring, but I'm sure it's packed away in storage.
This is actually my wife's bracelet.
This wedding invitation is packed away, along with a huge linen poster from their wedding.
My wife got me these dolls last Christmas...which are displayed on my book shelf.

Okay, before you start judging me, or start saying they aren't real vampires, let me just give you a little background in my knowledge of Vampire literature. I have read almost every well known Vampire book from Bram Stoker's Dracula to Anne Rice's Interview With a Vampire and Lestat and so on. I've pretty much seen all the movies. Even the original Bram Stoker's Dracula. I even took a college course called : Vampires in literature. So when it comes to vampires I am a total nerd! 

On that note, When my wife and I went to the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn Pt. 1, I won all the trivia contests! They asked questions from all the different Vampire movies and books. There seriously was no beating me! As for my love of Twilight, and honestly all creepy creatures of the night, let me explain.
At first, you couldn't catch me even pondering the thought of picking up a Twilight book to read. I thought it was stupid. Then one day, after Twilight was released in theaters, a girl at work wouldn't stop talking about how awesome the book was, and how the movie brought the characters to life! I thought okay lets give it a try. So I picked up the book on my day off....and finished it three days later...and I was hooked! 

One of the main reasons is because Stephanie Meyer and I have very similar writing styles. Two, The love story was very human. Of course it had that sense of obsession, which was expected, we are talking about vampires, but she also gave her human character a sense of belonging. As the books went on, she builds on the bonds of family, whether blood related or not. She gives examples of trust and loyalty. She also exhibits true love and the strong motherly instinct for her daughter. The love for her daughter really reigned me in, because I know I would do anything for my children and family.

I know so many people out there were like: it's stupid, their love wasn't healthy!
What part about VAMPIRE did you not read? Not to mention it's fiction.
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