To The Special Men In My Life....

This is me and my dad in 2010 when I went back home to visit......
and this is me and my dad way back in 1982.
This is my awesome father in law..they were making an Eeka sandwich here...(2010)
My father in law last July at the Zoo. (2012)
My wife who has stepped upped to the plate and is an awesome step-parent. (Spring Break 2013)

I have to say that I am very blessed for all the amazing men (&Jes) that I have in my life. I know I pictured here the most immediate men, so I also have some other special mentions too. All my brothers (Kevin, Scott, and Joseph) are all extraordinary men and fathers. Though my younger brother Scott is a soon-to-be daddy, I know he is going to be amazing! My brother Kevin has a full load. He has 8 awesome kids and 6 grand-kids! He has really expanded our family and put in a lot of hard work raising everyone! My brother Joseph, who is actually my brother-in-law, is an amazing father also. Not only does he two awesome boys, he is also a stepfather to his wife's' daughter. I can't even begin to tell you how much I love every single one of these men. Each and every one has played such a huge part in my life, I couldn't even begin to tell you all the stories/memories we have made throughout the years. 

My dad has to be my most favorite guy ever! A lot of you out there don't know this, but even though I may not be around my dad, and we have had our ups and downs, he is always there when I call him. He has to be one of the most understanding and forgiving people on this planet. Though he has had one crazy and exciting life, with stories that would blow your mind, he still is one of the most caring people you can meet. He is always open minded and always willing to help. I love you Dad!!!

My father-in-law Steve is one of coolest guys! He is loving, caring, honest, fun and the greatest grandpa. He has done everything for his family to make sure that everyone is always taken care of. He's also a great husband and partner to my mother-in-law. He has been a role model for my wife and her brother, and I'm sure many more, and now he is an amazing role model for my kids. Thanks for being such awesome guy Steve! We love you so much!

So, because I get all the attention on Mother's day, my wife Jes gets to have Father's day. For someone who has never been with anyone who has had kids, and doesn't have any of their own, she has been an amazing partner in raising them. I never expected her to pick up on the whole mom/dad role so seamlessly the way she has. I'm not gonna lie, there has been some exhausting times (we are raising teenagers!) but it has all been worth with it, and we have some of the best memories for it! Happy Father's Day Honey!

I hope all of you out there have an amazing father's day, and celebrate it with lots of food, maybe eating some food from the barbecue! I know we will! After the barbecue I'm headed back to training up north. I will have a giveaway coming up this be prepared! 

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