Outfit Diary

California Girl

Outfit Details
Flower clip - Icing
Tank top - Thrifted
Shorts - American Eagle
Shoes - Converse
Sunglasses - cant remember?

I about died with excitement when I found this tank top!!! I am a Cali girl through and through and what an awesome way to represent..lol I was born and raised in Orange County & L.A. So anytime I see anything from my home state I have to buy it! These shorts are pretty much my go-to-all-summer-long shorts, I love them! I also can't begin to tell you how beautiful it has been here on the shore. The humidity hasn't been bad and everything is so green and pretty. The beach is absolutely beautiful too! I'm not going to lie though, I miss my California beaches. My favorite beach to go to, which I lived about 10 minutes from, was Aliso Creek. It was pretty quiet, and had a cute park for the kids. I miss it so much! Though being on the Jersey Shore is really fun too :)

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