Geeky Confessions #1

(Lord of the Rings)

I need to find a cute picture to put inside my Hobbit door locket!

Via : Rachel on Etsy

        So here is series of confessions I will be making throughout the next year. I've been sitting around lately thinking that I really need to add all my little obsessions, and I couldn't quite decide how to do it. So I thought, what about confessions? So here I am! First up is going to be Lord of the Rings! I have been obsessed with this series for a long time, but to be honest the love of the movies came first. Most of us, I know usually fall in love with the books first, but this is my confession and I'm so embarrassed  here to say that my love for Tolkien came after. Trust me, I wish I would have been around in 1954 when his master piece was originally published, but unfortunately I wasn't. Yet amazingly here I am, sporting a cute little hobbit door necklace and head over heels in love with a world filled with elves, orcs, and hobbits! 

I also have : Not all those who wander are lost, tattooed on my arm :)
I plan on having this whole poem tattooed on me!

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