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So if you haven't noticed I've been a little absent from my little blog. I have been going crazy not being able to sit and blog. I also miss reading all the awesome blogs too! I need to spend a day a whole day just catching up. Maybe if I'm lucky I can do that soon.

The company I'm working for has a very extensive training course that is a month long. I spent a lot of hours driving and living in and out of a hotel.(a very nice hotel at that!) I've made a lot of new friendships from it, which is awesome! But my poor little head is about to burst from all the information it's taking in. I almost feel like it can't take much more. 

As we all know June is the month for the beginning of summer, and the ending of the school year. My oldest, Cody, graduated from Elementary school, here in Jersey. He also won 3 awards, and really made me proud! He is such an amazing kid. I truly believe that he can do whatever it is he wants in life and always be astounding. He has such an amazing mind. 

I really haven't done anything new in the last couple weeks, but as soon as training is done, which should be in a week and a half, I will be back to my regular blogging status. I have a bunch of cute clothes I need to post too! 

Oh! Is anyone excited about instagram's video feature? I know I am!

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