Words of Wisdom - On a Personal Note

So here I am. This Spring semester has come to a close and yet I feel like I have so much more to accomplish. I feel like my "to-do" list is forever growing. I'm glad that I can take some time to myself even though I would rather push through school and get it finished. Oh well! I'm such a busy person and I really want to slow down for a while...maybe smell some pretty flowers and take a lot of pictures. I also feel like a lot of people around me, who I care about, have a lot going on in their personal lives. I feel so sad when I watch family members and close friends go through their own personal battles, and I feel like their isn't much I can say or do. I try hard to be supportive in hopes that things will get better for them......

On another note - I decided a while ago that I would change how I express myself on Facebook. Instead of ranting or putting negative status updates on my timeline, I'm just going to post funny pictures or uplifting quotes. There's so much negativity out there in cyberland that I just want to be one less Negative Nancy. I know it may seem strange, like why wouldn't I just post how I feel? Well I will, things that I am passionate it about. Not things like "my sandwich really sucked" or "Getting in the shower" I feel like that's just an open invitation to come and kill me, or maybe I've just watched too many horror films. I feel like all these social medias have left us so translucent.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on Facebook? I actually went through mine (my personal FB) just to see what was on there, from a lurkers point of view. I found that it would take someone a few hours just to see all my pictures. I'm glad I at least keep it interesting. I guess things start to accumulate after 6 years.

Just for fun I thought I would add this too.... be careful what you post! We're all watching!

Have a great day!
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