Send Something Purple!

Yay for swapping! I love snail, mail and these are my fun goodies!

I love swapping!! It's been almost a year since I was involved in a swap. You can see them Here and Here. This is the package I received!
Lovely purple items were:
Cupcake cards (blank)
Flower cards (blank)
Flower stickers
Heart pumice stone
Purple bead bracelet
A cute journal
2 boxes of cupcake bites!
& lots of fun purple Easter grass!

I was so excited when I checked my mailbox to get this awesome package....and everything smelled like candy! It was a nice surprise. I really feel like my swapper-partner went above and beyond! If you love snail mail and would love to do swaps, you can go to  and create an account. I have to admit it isn't easy finding swaps for newbies, but once you start swapping it's a lot of fun!
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