Happy Birthday!

 Princess Cupcake Ninja Sprinkles!!!
My fur baby turns 1 today!!! I'm so excited for my little angel :) The funny part is that she was super playful this morning too! We love her sooooooooo much! She came to us on a whim, and I have never regretted bringing her home from the farm down the road from us in Vermont. She loves New Jersey and she is such a silly kitten. Now she is going to be going into her teenage kitty years. Her and Petunia still play all the time, and Petunia still loves her very much. Cupcake loves to eat Petunia's food while Petunia is eating it, and Petunia will growl a little, but will let her eat anyway. Petunia is also very protective of her. Funny to think a pitbull/hound mix would adopt a little farm kitten. Too Cute!
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