Outfit Diary

Outfit Details:
 Owl Necklace - Flea Market 
Top - Thrifted/from a friend 
Teddy bear Cropped Cardigan - Thrifted/from a friend
Skirt - Walmart
Tights- Dollar store
Flats - Target

So last weekend I was at a friends house watching Walking Dead, well I wasn't watching it because I'm scared of zombies. I'm sure that sounds silly, because they aren't real (yet!) but they really creep me out. Anyway, it was the first time I was at her house, which is such a beautiful house! She showed me around and I just couldn't believe all the awesome decor she has that she had gotten second hand! I died and went to heaven when I entered her closet! I wish I could have done a photo shoot in it! She collects sequin dresses, all thirfted of course, and she has a shoe collection that would make you drool. I love it! While I was busy admiring her awesome collection, she had a couple things that she wasn't going to use. One was the cute polka dot top I'm wearing. and second was the cropped cardigan. It's funny because these two items didn't come together, but I think they pair up pretty cute! She also gave me a very pretty scarf, and a felt handbag. I'll have to post about those another time! I have to say i'm a pretty lucky girl for having such wonderful people in my life. This Sunday we will over again for the Walking Dead. Do you watch it too? I think I'm more of a Vampire person! 

Have a Great Weekend!

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