Outfit Diary - Love is Love

Outfit Details:
Glasses - c/o Firmoo
Necklace - Flea Market
Dress - Mandee
Crochet Brooch - Made by me
Bow Tights - Modcloth
Flats - Wal-mart

I'm sure you have seen the news, or at least noticed that your Facebook or Twitter/Instgram/Pinterest/Tumblr is filled with lots of gay stuff (when I say gay I mean homosexual, not stupid) For the last decade the gay community has been working long and hard trying to get a voice in edge wise about our rights. I'm sure your probably thinking how my outfit post ties in with this subject. Well it kind of doesn't but I'm wearing red to represent love and equality. Which is an issue that is very dear to my heart.

My family should matter when it comes to federal and state laws. Do you realize that only myself and my kids have health benefits and not my wife because the federal government does not accept our marriage license. We have an actual marriage license from the State of Vermont, which luckily the state of New Jersey will recognize at state level. Yet this leaves my wife without medical benefits. I hate to say this, please remember I'm the daughter of a Pastor, but your religious beliefs have nothing to do with my medical benefits, social security, taxes and so forth. Love is love and I'm an american who deserves to have equal rights under state and federal laws. So do my children. 

This whole procreation argument is outlandish. There are hundreds of straight couples that cannot have children naturally or at all. These silly arguments need to stop. Are they going to stop them from getting married too? This country was founded on freedom. We should also have the freedom to love any person we want and this day will be here soon enough.

You can see more here : Human Rights Campaign

You can also see pictures from my big gay wedding Here.

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