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For the last 6 months my little family and I have been living at my in-laws house here in New Jersey. Since our transition from Vermont to New Jersey, life has felt very out of place. Don't get me wrong, they have a lovely home and are amazing people, but it's still not my own home. All of our belongings live in their garage/bar room and it makes me a little sad everyday I walk by it all. I daydream everyday about what our next house will look like, and I'm constantly on Pinterest getting ideas. Our last house was small and had character. I didn't love it, but it was our little house. The goal is to have our own house before summer. Plus I'm sure my in-laws will love to have their house back! One thing we will be buying for sure is a new couch, which is kind of exciting! We have the cutest thrift stores around here and it's going to be so much fun picking out furniture. I've already picked out paint too! My wife also has her eye on a 50' flat screen that we're suppose to be buying. We will see about that. I'm sure she will eventually convince me.

What has been inspiring you lately?
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