Friday I'm in Love.....

How adorable is Jessa over at Caked Vintagein this dress! I also love her hair!
Totally loving Shakti's pyrex collection!
I wish I could pull off a hat like Kaylah over at The Dainty Squid....too cute!
I'm in love with these cups from Trisha Brink on Etsy
Chrissy is always cute and I love her Crocheted Headband!!
Isn't this Cookie From Tookies just making your mouth water?! Yummy!!!

How has your week been? I know mine has been really crazy, so it's nice when I can sit at my computer and catch up on everyone's blogs or Etsy shops! This week was mid-terms for me, so if I was at my computer, it was only for typing up essays. I'm so glad I'm done! I'm so glad everyone is still amazing out in the blogging world. though I did hear some news that Google Reader is going bye, bye. Well that's okay, I use Bloglovin'.

I think it's cool that all the lovely bloggers I featured in this post have some awesome hair! One day I will have cool hair again.

Another little announcement too: 

That's right! I taking my photography to the next level...visit our Facebook Fan page and show some love!
I don't have all my photography up yet...but I'm working on it.

Anywhoooo, happy Friday! I hope you all had a great week...and I hope you all have a great weekend! 

*Note: All pictures are linked back to their original posts & owners in the caption----so check them out!
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