DIY: Facial Cleansing Pads

 What you will need:
1. Distilled Water
2. Distilled White Vinegar
3. Whitch Hazel
4. Baby Wash
5.Cotton Rounds
6. 2 jars or containers (1 for storage & 1 for mixing)
7. Measuring cup
8. 1 tablespoon for measuring 

In the large jar or container pour 2 cups of distilled water. Next add 1 tablespoon of Vinegar, baby wash and witch hazel. Put on the lid and give a little shake. It should bubble up, which I thought was really cool. Next put cotton rounds in smaller jar or container. Then slowly add the cleanser so that each round soaks it up. Then your done! Depending on the size of the jar or container you use you should have at least 2 full uses.

It pretty much reminds me of the stridex pads I used when I was a teenager, but less the scary ingredients! If you noticed I used Seventh Generation baby wash which was perfect, and it didn't contain any scary ingredients. Everything else we got store brand. They work great! You can see all the dirt come off your face! I wouldn't recommend this if you have dry skin though, because the witch hazel is a little drying.

In our house we pretty much try to make everything homemade as much as possible. So far we make our laundry soap, fabric softener  facial cleanser and powder dishwasher soap ourselves. We cut down on costs and know exactly what the ingredients are, which is always a plus! Do you make anything, instead of buying it?
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