Outfit Diary

Jewlery : Rose Ring - Old Navy // Flower Ring - BabeeDoll // Owl Necklace - Flea Market

Outfit Details..

Crochet Hair Clip - Mindie May
Courdaroy Jacket - Thrifted
Tank Top - ????
Belt - Thrifted
Pants - Jordache
Shoes - Thrifted

What a crazy week it has been! You know, sometimes I feel like I post that all the time. Maybe, it's because my life is always going, and going. At least for the next week I don't have any high pressure homework due, so I can breathe a little, but I do have mid terms to study for.


About this outfit, I have a funny story about these pants. When I was out shopping with a really good friend I spotted these pants, I ran over, grabbed them and said : I have to have these! She laughed and said: Only you would love such ugly pants! She's right. I love tacky patterns, and I'm so happy that I bought them :) They have a great fit too. I also want to add how in love I am with this jacket. I bought it about a year ago, and it seems to go with almost every outfit I have. I love when I can find a piece of clothing that can do that.
Do you have a favorite jacket or article of clothing that you end up wearing all the time?

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